What makes your company different from any other apparel brand?2018-07-24T21:09:21-05:00

Every one of our products is proudly Made in USA. Our apparel and equipment is designed and built for style, mobility and functionality.

What fits do you offer?2018-07-24T21:09:33-05:00

We offer the V2 which is our straight leg and the V2X which is our taper.

What size should I order?2018-07-24T21:09:45-05:00

We suggest ordering the size you buy all of your bottoms in. Keep in mind, the stretch does give you a little more room.

Do the jeans have stretch?2018-07-24T21:09:57-05:00

Yes, our denim has good stretch in it to allow for full mobility.

I have big calves, will these jeans fit me?2018-07-24T21:10:08-05:00

For anyone with big thighs and calves, we suggest buying our straight leg. These will be the best fitting for your body type.

I have big thighs, will these jeans fit me?2018-07-24T21:10:18-05:00

Depending on what size jeans you normally wear, we are pretty confident our jeans will fit you.

If they don’t fit me, can I return them?2018-07-24T21:10:27-05:00

Yes, at any time you are not happy with our product, and as long as they are not washed, or altered in any way, you can return them back for a refund or exchange.