Are YOU an asset? Everything is connected. There is a cause and effect to everything we do. Our impact in the world will be determined by our willingness to take action. Mindset ultimately is your biggest asset. “Changing the way you think by what you wear” is so important and here is why…I want everyone to have a heightened sense of self and environment everywhere they go. When we know how to think, we know what to look for. The next most important thing after mindset is awareness. Awareness is KING in everything we do. If we can not see it coming, then we can not prepare properly, understand what we are dealing with, or avoid it if possible.

When people come to know and build a relationship with this lifestyle brand and way of life, I want people to be able to put their hands on what we build and instantly trigger their way of thinking. I want it to be different. I want you to feel different. I want to remind everyone in the world that there is more to life than just moving through it. There is a better version of yourself that exists within you, but you have to be aware of it and willing to recognize it. You have to focus on it and you have to strengthen it everyday. AdaptivX will give you the opportunity to do that every single time you put it on.

Remember why you exist. There is a reason we have multiple men that have risked it all and understand what length we most go to in order to shift that mindset to win, to fight, and to prevail. When you finally make the decision to engage with this brand…I want it to literally change you. I recently put on a training course and explained how everything I do is a way of life. Showing up to train or to buy the right gear can be uncomfortable sometimes, but it is through that discomfort we forge ourselves to be better. It’s not good enough for me to hit the gym once a year, or train to fight once a year, or strengthen my family leadership once a year. We are called to do more and NEVER be the minimum. I know how amazing people can be because we have lived it and seen it at the highest levels. Along with this lifestyle comes having the right gear, equipment, and clothing to match it.

Like I said in this video of me getting ready to walk out the door for a normal day, “I want my clothing to perform and be as functional as I am”. It is that simple. We must build reminders all around us and it’s our mission to build a reminder for you everyday to understand that a better version of you exists. Every time you put our clothing on, use it as a trigger to change the way you think about everything you do, and as always, BE ADAPTIV. -Dom

Video Transcript:

Being an asset and being a good guy is a way of life.

It doesn’t have to be a difficult.

There is no separation between how we live, the gear we use and the clothes we wear.

There is no reason you should have to change everything about the way you dress to accommodate the things you know you need. 

Its a lifestyle and I take it seriously.

I get ready and leave my house or hotel everyday knowing that something could happen, and if it does I want to be able to give myself and my family the best chance of winning the fight possible. 

Applying a lifetime of experience to Adaptiv x is not something that has happened over night.  we ended up here through Long strenuous covert operations all over the world with a dedicated and passionate team.

What we wear is a part of our life

The clothes you put on everyday should enhance and improve your capabilities

I want my clothing to be as functional as I am and our mission is to

Change the way you think by what you wear…