As most of you may already know, we are a Special Operations veteran owned and operated business. We have served this great nation time and time again, and would never trade the experiences, good or bad, that we have shared. From learning the true meaning of brother, the highest sense of accomplishment, and dealing with the deepest feelings of loss, we are proud to be committed and continuing to serve by creating and manufacturing here in America. We are inspired by our brothers we have lost, the families that they leave behind and keeping their memories alive. We are also driven to bring the best clothing and equipment to those who are still standing the watch, here and abroad. We have known that we always wanted to give our Military, Law Enforcement and First Responder communities a break on purchasing, what we believe, to be the best made gear out there. We are finally able to do that, although it’s not as deep of a discount that we’d like to be able to provide, as we are a very small company, with small production runs here in America (not overseas like many other brands). Please email us from your official Government/Agency/Military accounts to INFO@ADAPTIVX.COM Once we receive that email, we will send you a 10% appreciation code. Thank you so much for continuing to serve and god bless all of you.