When I first created the OXCART brand, the mindset behind it was to be a fashion label with strong military inspiration. One of the main things that intrigued me was the infamous Area 51. I had spent many days researching the remote detachment just north of Las Vegas for a few reasons, but one in particular, my Uncle Dave.

Uncle Dave had been a contracted pilot for the United States Air Force. He flew the Beechcraft twin props from McCarran to Groom, and or anywhere else needed. He died on March 16, 2004. He suffered a heart attack upon a landing approach to Tonopah. He and the 4 passengers aboard all died when the plane crashed 7 miles out from the runway. In the days, months, and years following his death, I would begin to discover who he was, and what he was actually doing. Upon all my research, the declassified Project Oxcart caught my attention.

OXCART, to me, represented many important factors that I wanted to tie into my brand. Technologically advanced, I wanted my products to be extra capable in some shape or form. How I was going to do this I wouldn’t know until later on. I started building fashion jeans with no real traction. I was just another brand doing the same thing as many others before me. I needed to do something different, and when the opportunity arrived, I did just that. The idea of a “tactical jean” wasn’t new, and I had no foot in the “tactical” world. But what I did have was the knowledge of how premium jeans were made, and made with great efficiency. I had an idea for a “tactical” jean and laid out the groundwork to develop and manufacture. With the help of some now great friends, testing commenced, a blog post was uploaded to Soldier Systems and I was getting orders for a pair of jeans I hadn’t even started manufacturing.

Towards the end of 2017, events and people set the stage for the merger of the OXCART brand joining forces with the Dynamis Alliance team. For the future of the brand, and the future of my family, I felt it was the right move. Sometimes decisions aren’t easy. Sometimes you have to make a choice for an unknown outcome based on faith alone. I trusted my instinct, I followed my heart, and here I am today telling you the story. Whatever comes your way, always try to #BEADAPTIV