G-10 Razorback Blade


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The G10 series of blades are the perfect way to fly under the radar. This is based on the innovative Dynamis Alliance Razorback, but constructed from a non-metallic and durable material. Meant for maritime and reduced signature environments. These are a match made in heaven when combined with our IWS sheaths, but these are also compatible with the original Dynamis sheath. This has a 3.25″ cutting edge and is 7.25″ in overall length. Designed by Tier One Operators and Made in USA.

*We care about you. Know the laws where you are using this equipment. Don’t break them; we are not responsible for your actions.
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– Based off of the Dynamis Razorback Blade design
– G10 non-metallic composite
– Ergonomically designed for forward or reverse grip
– Made in USA