V2 Downrange Jeans


SOF has been rocking denim downrange and in harm’s way since their conception. This special project is a hand done wash, based off of a real pair of our friends V2X jeans. He wore these “downrange” and in a combat zone. The unique fades are from an original dark blue indigo that were worn in over time. Sweat, blood, and combat operations have helped form who we are today, and the overall look of these jeans. Made from our Dynamic stretch denim and incorporating our original 9 pockets of awesomeness. Available in our V2 (straight fit) and V2X (tapered fit).

Tier-1 Designed and Developed

Made in the USA

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  • Straight/slight bootcut fit
  • 34.5″ inseam, Tailor to fit
  • Dynamic Denim with ultra stretch
  • 9 pocket design
  • Premium wash to remove shrinkage and provide an overall soft feel
  • Multicam 4 Way Stretch Inner Waistband
  • Made in USA

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